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Monday, 21 May 2012

Grants For Families With Disabled Children-Financial Assistance For Single Parents

Grants For Families With Disabled Children-Financial Assistance For Single Parents
According to the United States Census Bureau statistics, an estimated 51 million people can be classified as disabled. Of this group, an estimated 4 million children are considered legally disabled as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Families raising disabled children often have challenges and need services that will help them in the care and development of their children.
Disabilities Advocacy Grants
Developmental Disabilities Basic Support and Advocacy Grants allow state agencies to receive a reward to use within a community in order to help disabled individuals and their families. The agencies use these grants that help disabled individuals to be independent, productive members of their communities. They help families by providing assistance that helps their child to function at the best of their ability. Qualified state agencies receive the funds and then disburse them to individuals who qualify for these services. You must apply for the assistance at a designated state-appointed agency. These agencies include housing, public assistance, and rehabilitation offices located in your area.
Special Education Grants to States
These grants are given to the state in order to provide a free public education for a disabled child. Families benefit from this grant by not having to pay out-of-pocket expenses that wouldn't be covered within a school's budget for children with disabilities. State and local educational institutions and agencies are the recipients of these grants; they have to make sure that they provide the special educational accommodations and related services free of charge for disabled children. Families can contact their local board of education to find out more about how this grant operates for schools.
Parent Information Centers
Special Education Parent Information Centers are grant-funded organizations that specialize in helping parents of disabled children improve their children's life skills and quality of life. Parents who attend these centers receive training and information about how to effectively manage certain disabilities in their children. Children and adults with disabilities may benefit from the funding for the centers through the education and training that the centers provide. Parent organizations, public charter schools, local educational agencies, non-profit organizations, and parent centers are eligible for this grant. Contact any one of these organizations to find out more about the use of these grants.
Studies and Evaluation Grants
Special Education Studies and Evaluation grants can benefit disabled individuals by reducing the risk involved with developmental delays and providing disabled children with a free public education. This grant is awarded to state, local, and educational institutions. Public or non-profit organizations can obtain benefits as well. Families with disabled children and adults may benefit from this grant. Public agencies and nonprofit organizations are qualified to apply for this grant. Contact your local board of education in your area to find out the benefits and services that are available for your disabled child.
Special Education Technology Grants
The Special Education Technology and Media Services Grant helps children with disabilities to use adapted technology for their specific handicap. More importantly, the grant has to be used for development, promotion, and demonstration of technical skills for disabled people. There are many other purposes for this grant. Such as support for captioning, video description, and cultural activities for disabled children. State educational agencies, public schools, charter schools, and institutions of higher education are the recipients of this grant. Beneficiaries are disabled children and their families who can use the services, training, and equipment that this grant provides by contacting the agencies that were just previously mentioned.

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