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Federal grants are sums of money offered by the Federal government (as opposed to the government at the state, city or town levels) that need never be paid back. This money is given to assist organizations or individuals at the national level in engaging in various activities such as education, research, business development, public welfare, or projects of an artistic nature. Personal loans and Grants are to be distinguished, of course, from loans, which must be paid back along with the interest they have accrued during the borrowing period. Grant money is free and clear and need never be repayed, but there are stipulations and eligibility requirements, often stringent ones, that must be met if a party is to receive the grants money. Apply Today !!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Free Grants to Pay Bills-Pay Bills With Free Government Grants

Free Grants to Pay Bills-Pay Bills With Free Government Grants
Unable to pay your credit card bills, utility bills, children fees. Don't get worried. Now you can avail grants to pay bills from federal government. Government is offering grants to people who are not in a position to live up to a normal living standard because of low or no income. Grants to pay bills can be availed easily if the purpose is genuine and if you seriously are going through bad financial crisis.
Any person who is eighteen years or above eighteen years of age can apply for grants to pay bill. There are several things for which you can avail a grant from the federal government
Some of them are as follows :
· Utility bills
· Home loan and credit card payments
· Education fee for children
· Rent for the home you are living in
· Child care
· Fuel for your vehicle
· General living expenses like food, clothing etc
· Electricity and water bill
· Medical expenses
· Extra curricular activities
Here are some insider secrets of paying existing bills with free government grants:
1. Read the guidelines and see if you are eligible for availing the grant or not. As mentioned above grants to pay bills are available for all those are do not have sufficient income sources to earn their livelihood. Look up for the eligibility criteria and apply for the grant.
2. You need to prove to the federal government that you are not in a condition to pay your bill like electricity bills, home loan installments, credit card bill, and school fee of your children and then only you will be allowed a grant.
3. Get a letter home credit card department of your bank mentioning that you have not been making regular payment for the card. Similarly you may also need to present a letter from your child's school for non payment of fees etc to make government believe that you are actually not financially sound.
4. Apply for the grant now by filling up the application form and enjoy the grant to pay bill free.

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